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I am Associate Professor in Computer Science within the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology of the Faculty of Technology and Society of the Malmö University (Malmö, Sweden). I am also affiliated to the Internet of Things and People (IoTaP) Research Center and Software Center at Malmö University.

I lead two research projects: Emergent Configurations of Connected Systems (ECOS) in the Internet of Things and Managing Interoperability Concerns in Large Systems. Both projects are in collaboration with companies, one is within the IoTaP Research Center and the other one is within the Software Center.

I supervise the PhD Student Fahed Alkhabbas, since June 2016.

I am leader of the Computer Science: Internet of Things, Master Course (60 credits), Faculty of Technology and Society, Malmö University.

Please, refer to the specific pages for more detailed information and do not hesitate to contact me!

Thanks to all people that contributed to IoT-ASAP 2017 making it a success!! Stay tuned!

Upcoming events:
==> ICSA 2018 International Conference on Software Architecture, April 30 – May 4 | Seattle, USA
==> Early Career Researchers Forum @ ICSA 2018
==> ICSE 2018 Demos 40th Internat. Conference on Software Engineering, May 27 - June 3 | Gothenburg, Sweden
==> ICSE 2018 Posters
==> MobileSoft 2018 @ ICSE 2018 5th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems, May 27 – 28 | Gothenburg, Sweden

Some past events:
==> IoT-ASAP 2017
==> ICSA 2017
==> WICSA and CompArch 2016

I dedicate my special thank to Eng. Antonia Bertolino and her group for their kindness during the 6 months after the Earthquake (April 6, 2009).