The main goals of my research are to:
-- Engineer, design and analyse new / to-be-developed Internet of Things (IoT) systems to cope with, e.g, emergent formation, self-adaptation, dynamic user needs, interoperability, and evolution.
My interests include investigations about architectures, approaches, and support methods for such (intelligent) IoT systems. Some of my contributions include model-driven engineering as facilitator for the IoT, and software architectures for and self-adaptive IoT systems. I investigate what we call Emergent Configurations (ECs) in the IoT in collaboration with a number of companies (ECOS project).
-- Automatically and dynamically enable software interoperability and self-adaptation among existing, heterogeneous, and evolving software systems in Ubiquitous Computing, (Web) Services, and Large Scale Systems.
My investigations, since my PhD studies, included a theory to achieve software interoperability through the automated synthesis of (self-adaptive) connectors / mediators in Ubiquitous Computing and (Web) Services. Some of my contributions are: a formally grounded approach facing both functional and non-functional concerns, self-adaptive systems to realize it, as well as contributions from an architectural perspective and patterns of mismatches. My recent investigations and contributions are about an interoperability model and evaluation framework for interoperability concerns in large evolving systems in collaboration with a number of large companies (Interoperabiity project).

Currently, I lead two research projects within which I also carry out this research. Both projects are in collaboration with companies, one is within the Internet of Things and People (IoTaP) Research Center and the other one is within the Software Center.

I am main organizer of the workshop IoT-ASAP @ ICSA:
-- IoT-ASAP 2018 2nd International Workshop on Engineering IoT Systems: Architectures, Services, Applications, and Platforms- co-located with ICSA 2018
-- IoT-ASAP 2017 International Workshop on Engineering IoT Systems: Architectures, Services, Applications, and Platforms- co-located with ICSA 2017

My services to the scientific community, awards, and appointments include:

  • Served for 3 years a Funding Programme in Europe in 2016, 2015, 2014 as:
    • - Expert evaluator (i.e., project reviewer)
    • - Panel member (in physical meetings)
    • - Panel chair
    • - Chairperson of the overall evaluation committee (all 15 panels’ chairs)

  • Editorial board of IET Software since 2017

  • Co-chair of Early Career Researchers Forum at ICSA 2018

  • Publicity and Social Media Co-Chair at MobileSoft 2018 (co-located with ICSE 2018)

  • Main organizer of IoT-ASAP 2017 at ICSA 2017

  • Main organizer of IoT-ASAP 2018 at ICSA 2018

  • Publicity chair at SEAMS 2015

  • Program Committee (PC) member of a number of leading international conferences, including, e.g.:
    • - ICSE 2018 Posters Track
    • - ICSE 2018 Demonstration Track
    • - ICSA 2018
    • - ICSA 2017
    • - WICSA and CompArch 2016 (now ICSA)
    • - 42th SOFSEM in 2016
    • - SAC track SA-TTA in 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

  • PC member of a number of international workshops, e.g.:
    • - MDE4IoT 2017 @ IoT 2017
    • - CASA @ ECSA2017
    • - enWoT 2017 @ ICWE 2017
    • - FAACS 2017 @ SEFM 2017
    • - womENcourage 2017, 2016, 2015

  • Reviewer for leading international journals, e.g.:
    • - TSE
    • - TSC
    • - SoSym
    • - TAAS
    • - IST
    • - JSS
    • - IEEE Software
    • - JISA
    • - Computing
    • - IET Software

  • External reviewer for leading international conferences as: ICSE 2016, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009; ISSTA 2012; FASE 2011; SEFM 2011

  • Best Reviewer Award of WICSA and CompArch 2016 (“for the quality of her reviews")

  • Invited / invited talks at Shonan Meeting (Japan) in 2016 and 2017, STEW, BOTI (Sweden), Dagstuhl Seminar (Germany), Malmö stad library

  • Management group member (1 of 5) of the IoTaP Research Profile

  • Examiner of a PhD Student in Computer Science, Lars Holmberg, Malmö University (since 2017)

  • Member of the board of supervisors of the Faculty of Technology and Society, Malmö University (since 2016)

  • Member of the follow-up group of 2 PhD students at Malmö University (2015-2017)

  • Member of the recruitment committee for selecting 4 postdocs and 2 PhD Student in Computer Science at MAH (2016-2017)

  • External expert for the selection of 3 post-docs in Computer Science at Malmö University (2016-2017)

  • Member of the group “Supervisors and responsible for operations” in the evaluation of the third-cycle education at Malmö University conducted by UKÄ, the Swedish Higher Education Authority (2017)

  • Member of the recruitment committee (beredningskommittén) for the Head of Department at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology at MAH (2017)

  • PhD defense committee member, PhD student Usman Iftikhar at Katolieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium (November 2017)

  • PhD defense committee member, PhD student Usman Iftikhar at Linnaeus University, Sweden (December 2017)

  • Responsible for the creation, examiner, and teacher of one PhD level reading course, 5 credits (2016)

  • Research Collaborator, Univ. of L’Aquila, Italy, 2013/04-06

  • I dedicate my special thank to Eng. Antonia Bertolino and her group for their kindness during the 6 months after the Earthquake (April 6, 2009).